Warhammer Fantasy 2010

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Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von DerWarhammerTyp » Mo 25. Jan 2010, 21:40

Februar 2010
Tiermenschen, erstes Fantasy Release für 2010. Auch hier einige neue Miniaturen aber auch “nur” neugeschnittene Gussrahmen.

Sommer 2010
Neben der neuen Edition, der dann im September die neue Grundbox mit Orks und Imperium folgen wird, erwarten uns erst die Gruftkönige von Khemri und später auch die Oger Königreiche.

2010 sollen es auch endlich die lange erwartete 2. Dämonenwelle geben, kombiniert mit Chaos Space Marines:
- Ein großer Dämon aus Plastik
- Plastik Seuchenhüter
- Plastik Tzeentch Kreischer
- Plastic Horrors
- Berittene Dämonetten (hier gibt es gegensätzliche Aussagen über Plastik und Metal)
- Charaktermodelle

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von Bastelwastel » Di 26. Jan 2010, 14:18

mmh, "nur" neu geschnittene Gußrahmen is nicht ganz richtig. mittlerweile gibts Gors mit Bögen, müssten aus Plastik sein. Vorher warn keine Bögen drin. Und es kommen einige neue sachen raus, zum beispiel die Minotauren. Poster und WD im Laden :mrgreen:

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von Silence » Sa 13. Feb 2010, 23:58

Habe dich lange net mehr gesehen wie siehts denn mal aus wenn du deine Imperialen truppen raushohlst und gegen meine kleinen Gobo ´s antritts.
Hatte bißher nur das Vergnügen gegen Torben zu spielen, war irgendwie wie gegen zwerge....
Meld dich mal du nase

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von DerWarhammerTyp » Mo 15. Feb 2010, 01:54

können wir gerne machen dude...da ich eine etwas größere Armee habe als Torben wirds gegen mcih nciht so wie gegen Torben xD sag einfach, wann du kannst und cih schau mal ;)


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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von Bastelwastel » Mi 17. Feb 2010, 00:25

Hier mal ein paar der neusten Gerüchte im Bezug auf Warhammer Fantasy. Die meisten werdens ja mittlerweile wissen, das diesen Sommer die neue Edition rauskommt. Am besten ihr bildet euch eure meinung selbst, Ich sach dazu (noch) nix..
Quelle: Bell of Lost Souls

Our scouts scour the land day and night without rest. Here's the latest chatter on the wind regarding Fantasy 8th Edition: (with commentary by your favorite Fantasy fanatic: Iamaddj)

1) Army construction is moving back to percentages. (you may have 25% of your points spent on heroes, 25%-50% on core… etc.)

This change seems ok at first. A nice way to make people put more points in core and to limit over the top spending on characters. However after review it doesn’t seem they will be able to make it work with the current army books. Sure limiting a 2250 empire army to not more then 400pts of rare choices means only 1 steam tank (hooray!) but it does allow for 4 Hellblasters. A decked out Slaan would now be your only character while the undead player could fit 8-10 Necromancers in his list. Overall this change would seem to favor spamming. -iamaddj

2) Expect many changes to the magic phase, including giving irresistable force a downside, while making miscasts harder to have but much more devastating.

Again at first these changes seem alright, and independently they aren’t anything I wouldn’t like to see. However when viewed with the game as a whole they are worrisome. The big powerful spells that have become a staple of the newer books effectively die with these changes. You still have a good chance to miscast, only now it will be REALLY bad, and even when you get irestible force, which these spells really need to go off most of the time, there will be some type of downside. These changes once again seem to favor spamming lots of little spells; flicker fire, invocation, etc. combined with the possibility of being able to take lots of cheap lvl 1 wizards it could turn the magic phase into a spam fest. -iamaddj

3) The return of "lapping-around" in combat.

This is a throw back to older editions that was removed in 7th. In 6th lapping around was complicated, often forgotten and a pain in the butt, but a lot of players liked it. We will have to see what they do with it. -iamaddj

4) Speeding up of combat in general. A possiblity of introducing a type of combat familiar to Flames of War players, something in which there are no multi-turn combats. Instead combat is fought over and over again until one side is dead or breaks, all in the same round of combat. For example a 6x5 block of Saurus Spearmen fight a 3x6 block of Swordmasters of Hoeth. The Elves attack and kill the front rank of the Lizardmen. The 6 back rank spearmen attack, get luckly and kill the front rank of the Swordmasters, now the next rank of the Elves attacks, and so forth until one side breaks or is wiped out.

While it is possible Fantasy could uses some speeding up, this sounds worrying. Can you imagine how powerful a combat lord, a Vampire for instance, will be if he gets to fight more then once in a single close combat phase? Will have to see how these rules work out. -iamaddj

5) In general the design changes are said to make the game play faster and at least partial nerf Daemons of Chaos after the huge community backlash against them.

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von Bastelwastel » Mi 17. Feb 2010, 00:27

Und hier noch was über die neue 8 Edition Grundbox:

So go check out your favorite BoLS hobbyist Col_Festus at his new pad to see what he's scraped together regarding the rumored 8th Edition boxed set.

http://firstranksecondrank.blogspot.com ... ekend.html

I have to admit, I just didn't believe Skaven and High Elves, but it looks like everybody is screaming it from rooftops at this point (including several very good sources). Count me shocked, and enjoy the rest of the morsels. In particular I'm excited about the stars aligning for the Ogre Kingdoms.

~Standard caveats on all this stuff as its said to arrive during the summer. Something seems to have shifted over the last week or so as we have gone from super quiet on the WFB front to all kinds of stuff flying around in record time. So what is your take on those choices for the WFB starter box? Good for new players? How about existing ones?

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von DerWarhammerTyp » Mi 17. Feb 2010, 22:18

yeah neue tomb kings...darauf freu ich mich...wird meine nächste armee...verkauf jetz eh meine dämonen...die sind langweilig....

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von Bastelwastel » Mo 3. Mai 2010, 09:32

So, hier jetzt das neuste zum neuen Warhammer 2010. Quelle: Warseer
Note: This is only a summary of rumours that have been discussed in recent months. Rumours are subject to change. They are only 100% correct when they are facts.

Edit: I am changing the process of updating this a bit. What I will do is save up rumour changes for a day or two, then post them in green. They will stay like this until the next update, so that people can follow all the latest changes.

I have tried to take out all the ones that have been quickly discredited, and a lot of this comes from reliable sources (who have been contradictory). Just so I am clear, none of what follows are rumours from me, they are all from other people.

Take with as much salt as is necessary, and don't blame me if any of it is wrong.

Note as well that none of the names of rules below are official, I just put something fun there for reference when I was collating.

Updating this: Much as I'd like to have the time and motivation to read all rumour discussions, PLEASE PM ME here with info, only if there is a significant rumour discussion from someone you guys really trust. I know there are snippets coming out in the general discussion here, and on many other forums. So rather than have to trawl across the web every few days, if you guys want this updated you will need to pm me with the info. I will try and keep ontop of things.

Note as well that unlike the other thread this is only for rumour discussion for the 8th edition rulebook itself. Not what armies are getting which releases (save that for the other thread).

More reliable rumours

* Army construction is moving back to percentages.
* Strength in Depth/ Stepping up (models may fight in 2 ranks)
* Crush attack for larger creatures
* 40mm models moving to 3 model-wide ranks.
* Multiple objective driven scenarios in the rulebook
* All non-english rulebooks are moving to inches.
* Power dice aren’t generated by the number of spellcasters. The pool is decided by 2D6. Magic users add their magic level to the score rolled. All Wizards have a chance to generate more power dice.
* All missile units fire in two ranks (not just High Elves). Missile units will not gain a rank when shooting from hills.
* Autobreaking from fear or terror is gone.
* Combats are strictly decided in initiative order.

Warhammer 8th Ed Rulebook to be released July 10th
528+ pages. Full colour
Possibly going to get the pdf erratas for all armies on July 6th
Introduction games for Warhammer 8th edition starting around May 22nd (only one scenario apparently)
Copies for Staff available early May

There will be a "General's" Edition as well as a "Gunner's" Edition: Both are the basic rulebook along with multiple different gimmicks, as golden templates, dice, angulometer, combat-resolution-calculator, markers and more. "General's Edition" is supported with a white linen bag with two silver coins attached to it, so if you fall in battle, they may put them on your eyes...

Other rumours (and description of above)

These are all listed in no particular order.


* Army construction is moving back to percentages.
This is looking more like 25% max characters, 25% min core, 25% max special and 25% max rare (anonymous source, but trustworthy ) The 25% characters includes mounts.

Edit. Just as I thought this part was looking certain, there have been some rumours/ sources saying 25% max characters, 25% min core, 50% max special and 15% max rare. I will edit one out as it become clear.
Just so I am clear on this, as there has been some misunderstanding, you can have a lord level character leading a small army if you want to (within the points), you don't have to take a hero as you do currently.
* Allied forces will not get a % allocation. Rules for using allied forced (i.e. an updated allied forces chart) are in the rulebook.
* Categories for core/special/rare are remaining.
* There *may* be something to prevent spamming...
* There will be a system wide errata to clear up issues for each army.


Standard Movement

* Measure the distance for the furthest moving model, and perform whatever manoeuvres you wish within that lax limitation (i.e. they all move like fast cav currently do, minus the reform).

(edit: It seems I am very close with this, the champion one is only by process of deduction. Still awaiting further confirmation on all this)

Standard Bearer = Re-roll one of the charging dice
Musician = +1" Charge bonus
Champion = One free reform

(edit: As it has caused some confusion, these are all only additions to what all the command models currently do)


* An added 'bonus' of getting an 'extra' +D6 or +D3 inches of movement to your Movement range (presumably the D6 or D3 decided by the category of warrior; infantry/cavalry/ogre sized).
Edit; rumoured to be:

M1-M6 (and not flying) = Basic M value + D6
M7+ (and not flying) = Basic M value + 3D6 (choose the 2 highest)

* Rumoured to be +1CR for charging.

As normal

Heavy cavalry

* - Heavy cavalry, defined as any cavalry with a 2+ or better save, cannot march. They can double their move when charging as normal, but they are not allowed to make a March move. (edit: I don't know how accurate any of this is now that we have the rumours for 3D6 (picking 2 highest)) Take with salt people.
- "Medium and Fast cavalry remain the same".


NOTE: The magic rumours nobody seems to agree on, so rather than try and find what exactly the truth is I will just put here most of the theories

Edit: I've sorted out the ones that seem more likely, based on the info from anonymous sources:

* Power dice aren’t generated by the number of spellcasters. The amount if dice is decided by 2D6. The active player gets the sum as power dice and the other player the highest throw as dispel dice (throw 3+5, = 8 PD and 5 DD). (not sure if this is 100% correct yet).

Magic users then add their magic level to the score rolled. This could be 1 PD for lvl 1/2 and 2 PD for lvl 3/4).

Every magic user has access to the pool.
* Giving irresistible force a downside.

Seems that there may be some sort of irresistible force ‘incident’ table, this may be an extension of the miscast table.

Roll of 1 on the chart: This has been confirmed as being even worse than number 4… Which (pure speculation) may involve every model in the unit taking a hit, this was something I actually heard a while back, but it could be worse than this.

Roll of 4: The wizard is sucked into the warp and the large template is centred over him. S10 hits for something (could be the centre model, meaning S5 for the rest?).

Lore of Fire
* Some spells will scale up. One Example is Fireball; which sounds like it could be D6 S4, or 2D6 S5, or 3D6 S6 hits.
Lore of Metal
* One spell from the Lore of Metal: Swap the enemies armour save for their toughness, e.g. 1+ save and toughness 3 becomes toughness 1 and 3+ save.
Lore of Shadows
* One spell you can switch the position of two characters that are 'within 18"' (not sure if they have to be within 18" of each other, or just to the caster).

* Double 6 = a miscast
* Making miscasts much more devastating.
* Something rumoured is carrying over power dice, but holding too many could lead to a ‘magic backlash’. Wizard will recieve wounds or hits if he didn't use the excess power-dice (than originally allocated) at end of the turn.
* All the book Lores will have more supportive spells than they have now, and will all be getting a major overhaul. Each lore to get a mega spell.
* Spells can be chosen, not rolled for.

And the other rumours:

* All Wizards have a chance to generate more power dice. – Avian. This *may* be something like; for every magic user throw D6, on a 6 a further power dice is added. Though someone else has discredited this.
* There's no limit to the number of dice used to cast a spell, by any level of caster. (see above)
* If a wizard fails to cast (not counting dispels) twice in a row he miscasts
* Dispel scroll only adding dispel dice (+2 dice to the dispel dice pool once per game). (edit - possibly speculation)
* Dispel attempts to be made by specific wizards (presumable your casting level is beneficial for dispelling spells)
* A higher chance of miscast with multiple casters.
* If a wizard fail to cast a spell he can't cast other spells in the same phase.


Armour Save Modifiers

* As it happens to be the same rumour; fewer armour save modifiers.

Fire in 2 ranks as standard.

* Missile units fire in two ranks (not just High Elves). - Harry & someone else. Missile units will not gain a rank when shooting from hills.


NOTE: Trying to nail down what the facts are here is very hard. Some of this is only my understanding of what has been discussed.

Fighting in 2 ranks

* Models in the second rank can fight, with a hand weapon only, unless they are armed with spears.
* I believe this is with their full quota of attacks (not with an additional hand weapon), and with any special rules they have.
* Spears may be +1 rank as normal.
* Spearelves may fight with an additional rank as normal (citzen levy).
* Cavalry still only fight in 1 rank.
* This is the same regardless of which side they are attacked on.

Stepping up. – Harry/ Avian / other people

* Casualties are strictly removed from the back.

Horde - Still no closer to nailing this one down

* Fight in 3 ranks if 10+ wide (4 with spears). - Avian.
Some benefit to fighting in large units, may automatically become stubborn beyond a certain unit size. – Harry - (edit) seemingly confirmed from another source).

Another edit: Seems this Horde rule may work like this:
If the unit is 10+ wide and 5 ranks deep (50+ models) the front 2 ranks may all fight, regardless of whether they are in base contact.
* Now it would explain how people have got up to 5 ranks in combat (2 front, Spears = 3, Citizen levy = 4, Horde = 5). At this stage just another rumour, but a little closer perhaps to the truth.

Rank bonuses

* Unchanged.

One Save to ruin them all!

* Models will only ever get one save (be it ward, mundane or magical armour). No word yet on whether regeneration is included. From Alessio himself!

40mm models

* 40mm models moving to 3 model-wide ranks. Ogre sized models are officially being put into their own size category (finally).

Crush them!

* Additional stomp/crush attacks for big infantry (ogres, trolls, etc) to represent them trampling lesser races underfoot. Bigger bonus for large creatures like giants. These are not impact hits. (edit: these could be overrun hits)

Armour Save Modifiers

* Fewer armour save modifiers

Striking in Initiative order

* Combat will always strictly be resolved in initiative order (confirmed).


* S7 autokill is gone. (edit: possibly not speculation)


Combat Weapons
Great weapons Still always strike last (this overrides any army book rules apparently).

Missile Weapons
Longbows Same. However there is something I’m hearing about bows being able to fire in more than just 2 ranks… What I heard was firing in an additional rank for every other rank after the second (i.e. you have 4 ranks of archers; = 2 ranks standard + ½ of 2. = 3 ranks). There is something else you may have to do in order to be able to do this, pure speculation, but it may involve deploying wide.


Fear and Terror

* This may be

Fear +1 to Combat resolution
Terror +2 to Combat resolution

(edit) I've been told by a few people that Combat resolution will have some part to play.
* Autobreaking from fear or terror is gone.
* Leadership tests against fear is rumoured to be going
* Fear and Terror incorporate immune to panic (with possibly a change to crumbling for undead).

Killing Blow

* Killing blow only against models in a similar size category or lower (large creature>ogre sized> infantry/cavalry sized)

(edit: apparently this is close, but not quite right). Killing blow is still a roll of 6.

Always Strike First

* Models with great weapons will always strike last, regardless of ASF. There is supposedly a change to the ASF rule to compensate HE a bit, not sure what yet.


* Apparently there is an absolutely HUGE list of magic items in the book… Could easily be 50+. There is a chance you may not be able to duplicate most of them in a list.


* Multiple objective driven scenarios in the rulebook (no kill points). See GW grand tournament and doubles scenarios.

* 15 or so missions in the new rulebook. 9 or 10 of the missions required Core units to capture objectives. Units must have banners to capture objectives. Several missions had multiple objectives

* Victory Conditions
Interestingly something I picked up from a post was that ‘victory conditions’ have been referred to in the last 3 books, not victory points.

* A section in the rulebook dealing with specific issues that may arise during battles


* Difficult terrain may be merged with very difficult.
* D6+4 compulsory terrain.
* Terrain will not just affect the movement phase so much but will affect fleeing units, like in the War of the Ring game.
* The rulebook includes terrain rules for all the GW products.
* Bonuses and hazards for terrain (such as rolling the dice to see how many people don’t make it out of the wood...). This appears to be D6 for every model, on a 1 a model is lost. This is only the tip of the iceberg…
* Finding a magic item in the woods.

Discredited rumours
Lapping around
Weapons using the flame template or large or small blast templates automatically hit any model in contact rather than cause partial hits.

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von Silence » Sa 8. Mai 2010, 13:27

Hallo Warhammertyp.......

es ist jetzt schon das x-mal vorgekommen das du mich versetzt hast !!! Das ist beschissen !!!!!!!!! Ich habe kein prob wenn du spontan absagst, kann immer was dazwischen kommen, aber erst zusagen dann noppes ist blöd ziemlich BLÖD !!! Das Gelände auf bzw. abbauen ist egal aber habe extra den Thomas aus dem Bett geschellt und ne Aktion gemacht .

Es wäre nett wenn du zumindest am selben tag absagst oder deine verspätung bekannt geben würdest .
Ansonsten können wir ( beide ) das mit dem Zocken knicken !!!

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy 2010

Beitrag von DerVorstand » So 9. Mai 2010, 23:42

ziemlich offtopic.......
da wäre ne pm effektiver gewesen....
Schließt euch uns an... Spürt die verspielte Seite der Macht !!!

Euer Turniercheckpoint in Duisburg Marxloh / checkpoint-tdt@web.de


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